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Poetry and Verse

A writer of lyrics, both musical and poetic, Daniel Haskin bares his soul in “Amnesia” as he cuts through cultural boundaries and stimulates feelings that cannot be denied. 

From the Book

And Now It’s Dark

I took a step too far
Like all things I’ve done
My feet now hover
And waiver over my skin
‘Just a bit too far in the rain’
She said …
I turn and laugh
And the stars slip away again
Now it’s dark

My art bends and warps
And my imagination
Turns to ecstatic ruins
A bit too tangled
For my pen to unwind
So I’ll leave it swallowed
And disguised in the ocean
And let the next ghost
Take over and tell my story

The Octave

What is this sound
That breaks me
But I listen still
Inside my wrists
Can it be forgotten
Like the slamming door
On my last breath
Or do I succumb
To its trickery
Is it lost
Without end
Or without death
Do I train my ear
To read the spell
Or lay my hand in the sky
And listen like braille
Even pain has a sound
Though it shakes
Turns on its own kind
Deep and shuttering
And worn like a dog
When I was young
I had depth of purpose
Now my hands are stiff, tired
No tuning to my bones
I can’t reach the octave
Fingers twist
Darkness reverberates

A Dog Of Minor Fiction

The lovely creature spinning
Dream so dark hypnotic
Down, down the ladder starless
She’s a’tearing at the gate
She’s a dog of minor fiction
Reading minds with no restriction
Living out the chillest nightmares
On a Möbius strip of fate
Trying hard to get my shoe off
Leatherette will set it all off
Like some tormented beast harmonium
She performs a minor key
As she creeps along the ceiling
Her eyes and teeth congealing
She plays a tune revealing
A wagging tail and cup of tea

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