All material copyright Daniel Haskin


Outside the window
Kissing fingers
On the railing
In the sky
The stars are trailing
Falling close to our demise

If I held you fixed and
Could I feel
Your consciousness
My flesh and bones
Separate wounds and separate lies

You rejoice in constant
Red cloak and flowers
Carnally wrapped,
And twirling
Arterial and baptized

This telepathic spinal
Like waking to the
Shifting needles
Now open to our disguise

When I feel your witching
Your damselflies now
It’s not the world
But the suffering
That illuminates starry eyes

So onward and
Off worlding
While blue eyed swarms
Are calling
Casting shadows tilt
The reckoning
Towards the meaningless and the flies

And the ever after
Of the carnal creatures
Laying eggs in doll home
They crumble as they cry

And all the while
The spiraling
Of the pattern lovers
Each other’s souls
And nattering
On and on and on they sigh

As I tear my hands
While strumming
The bones and strings
Now buzzing
Past the broken woodwork
About nothingness and a fly

Sticks and Wands

A dark forest through the trees
I’ll be quiet tonight, tonight
Beneath a chair of wuthering rain
Strange works in mysterious light

Star and moon are leaving the stage
Washed away to the other side
Foot steps tangle for what it’s worth
Along the sticks and wands I slide

I can see you walking adrift, waking
Between these silhouettes of pain
As I read the eyes of mirth and myth
And drown in tears of rain and mud

Sacrificed like the acolyte
With no one left to follow homeward
I walk this road of second sight
With eyes drawn dim to monochrome

All the while I hear the darkness ringing
Like bending limbs and insect breath
As night turns upon its axis
And twilight overcomes it’s death

Lapis Lazuli

Wandering the blue stillness
There is nothing here
That wasn’t here before
I warm my phantom limbs
And wonder how it would feel
To touch your gaze again
But I sleep and ponder
My limitations instead

It’s the sand beneath my lids
The purity of grace
In slow motion
That calls me down to you
Like a pre-raphaelite
Describing the time
When we were beautiful
And we were constant

As constant as a morning star
Beneath a sea of lapis lazuli
Drawing in a cadence of white noise
That will softly drown my thoughts
Of this American dream
Until nothing rings true
Except our hands now as one
And the apostate that is you

Gods of Letters

Gods of letters
And the secrets
That sustain us
Are revealed in
The pages lost and
found within a man

And I sat here
Like a door mouse
In the moonlight
Of every little thing
That’s come before

I can’t remember
What it felt like
To be amazing
To be cherished
By all the people
Wishing on my dreams

But I stand here
Like no other
In the circle
That was drawn around
The chalk stains of my life

The Whispers

Blue jet golden stasis
Walking in the trance
Amongst the whispers
Blowing through the deep
Drift along the hills aside

How long has it been
Where I had once stood
Broken in the vespers
Of my own doing
Where at last I cried

I can hear the humming
Air as it once was for us
Tension as a piano wire dream
Tore us apart in a past life
I know
I know

In My Dream

In my dream there is no music
For I am searching for it
Sitting in the papers
And the broken artifice
I can feel it coming
Shattering in my hands
And working it like sin
Between my legs and fingers
In my dream music is long and lost
Comes slowly when I am not thinking
And quickly when I have no time for it
But there it is knocking at the gate
Pulled like a painting
Betrayed by broken brushes
And oily laments
If only for a while
I could slip past and pull you in
And be your maker

Then I Became

Then I became
Tearing at your womb
Growing like a parasite
You, a far cry from that photograph
That photo of the 17-year-old child
Whose eyes still had luminosity
Long before they were shut
And you were sent away
Distant from those swollen glances
And your suspicious dark sisters
Away from every possibility

Pedestrian nightmares came easy
And clouded your judgment
Now who do you want him to be?
This man who waited
Over miles of sea and glass
Our destination written on flesh
To make you and I legitimate
This unknown who you bore a son
That moment has grown dim now
All that remains is the complicity
That laid us out unmarked in this city

As we went blind and sightless
Feeding on the silence with nothing
But my poor shadow
We have crawled a long way
To the music that we know by heart
From childhood to this broken age
That I can’t bring myself to remember
But even now alone mother waits
Tired of all the talk of death
Like a widow in the wilderness
Still, she breathes me in

My Rossetti Dream

The wind against my cheek
Reminds me
Of a world left without you
A world without the sweet
And all things loved and sacred
My Rossetti dream
Will follow
With the touch
Of an apple or nail
It will all come way too soon
Without the price of youth
This universe will pass beneath me

The blindness that I seek
Divides me
And cuts me through and through
Like a knife to a paper boat
Where my heart floats without repair
This confetti scheme
So hollow
But beloved
Revealing a song torn
That has sat withered and buried
Inside this box of thorns
Left beside the road before mourning

In Amnesia

In amnesia
A universe forms
Deep in the pit of my failure
Whirling screaming dust
Fills a soulless form
As open wounds rut a soliloquy
Of razor cuts
Am I incompetent and blind
To what she said?
Or have I forgotten my ghost
A star is born

The Dreamer

I am broken in two
but i dream in threes and fives
Though the hive is built
it’s built for flies

So I stare straight at the six
That dragged through my lives
Scorched and non-existent
As the rusted nails I drive

Forward and back again
Drawing this pale disguise
In this city of extinguishers
The fire in this bed will rise

And rise it does
From this stabbing moiré
From the static I dream
From the electric I die


Is there anything awake inside this flesh
Something that drives the stupid child
The thing I call mind
The thing that won’t reconcile
The thing that breaks my back
Carrying the weight of this torrent that sits
Like peace buried in the deepest hole
Nailed by metal ‘neath the splintered floor
In all these things the child revels
The child seeks one with the wet earth
But the child no longer bends to she
She who has no mercy
And she who keeps her peace wrapped in darkness
In a black book bound of ash and thorn
The thorns pierce thought
Each hope and each blind torment
The child abstains from she
As she turns to twist her embrace
And each kiss is an obsessive fever dream
Each kiss a ritual
Each touch a curse
Each breath a plague
Born from the night air
And consumed by a star
The child wraps it’s love in obsession
With the ties of guilt and fear
The child writhes

A Dog Of Minor Fiction

The lonely sick now spinning
Dream so dark Hypnotic
Down, down the ladder starless
She’s a’tearing at the gate

She’s a dog of minor fiction
Reading minds with no restriction
Living out the chillest nightmares
On a Möbius strip of fate

Trying hard to get my shoe off
Leatherette will set it all off
Like some tormented beast harmonium
She performs a minor key

As she creeps along the ceiling
Her eyes and teeth congealing
She plays a tune revealing
A wagging tail and cup of tea


In dreams I have learned to drift
Taught by hands throwing shadows
As I dance with my parasite
Gleaming from the dark river running
I know that look
I know that song
It’s so simple to turn my head
And listen to my own passing
Silent to my own ears
But a true deafening cadence
Whose words are but water
Cascading down my throat
Soon it will be 58 years
And from this dream I will awake

A World Left Without You

The wind against my cheek
Reminds me
Of a world left without you
A world without candy
And all things loved
My Rossetti dream
Will follow
With the touch
Of an apple or thorn
It will all come too soon
Without the grace of youth
The universe is passing too soon

Bastard Mechanism

I burnt out long ago
With no plan or ego
Torn from your skin
With no scream or sound
Drained from gash and hole
And lithium bowl
I was not meant to be here
I am a bastard mechanism
Mother beat me as you will
Because if it wasn’t for me
You would not be with
That bastard