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By Daniel Haskin

Scripted Life

Short Form Poetry and Ekphrasis

Daniel Haskin is a poet, visual artist, songwriter, and composer, who resides in Buffalo, NY. His poetry and illustrations have been seen in newspapers and national literary journals. Scripted Life is his seventh book of poems and verse.

From the Book

Rumble Bells

the children play
for those who have
died young,
ringing their
rumble bells
over the
hissing dirt,
miming the dead.

I am walking
through them
like a ghost
through rain,
the smell
cradles grief,
covering my eyes
like a sixpence.

the sky sings
gray and violet.
the siren is slow
and forgotten.

Two Clouds of Different Names

When we lay
in the grass,
speechless and
full of ourselves,
we will follow
the clouds along
as if they are
made of paper,
written into life
in our own
cursive hand
Then I will look at you
and call you into me,
until the end of our
timelessness falls,
and you will
come through
to cover me
with your rain
‘til there are
no storms
to look
for us,
as we

Bird Born Blue

I turned
into violet
spilling roses
into your mouth
to bring you back
to me, like everything
you are, light and true.
the bend of your heart
became rooted in sky
in what we call love.
forever is all things
you are, the flower
who lived in sun
bird born blue,
and you the
poets wife
so happy
to begin
wearing our
mad hats,
our love

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