Buffalo News, Buffalo Wax 6/8/01

Dulcet vocals, graceful instrumentation and sweet melodies lull the listener into a relaxed, dreamlike state on the debut CD by the band appropriately called the Dreaming. Ann Janish, known for her jazz singing and stage work, has the right voice for this lush material. The songwriters, especially guitarist Daniel Haskin, have penned songs with a cinematic feel – softly symphonic and luxuriously supple. Janish’s delicate vocals and the soft strings, whether the classical guitar of Ray Lorigo or the viola/zeta violin of Cindy McCaffery, are often enough to carry the melodious songs, including “I Think I’ll Disappear” and “Need.” The title track, “Silent,” is serene and quite lovely. Though strings strum with a bit more spunk on “For Real,” the song is still nicely relaxed. The music’s beauty is spotlighted on the elegant instrumental, “Ultramarine.”
– Toni Ruberto, Buffalo News