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My new collaboration with soprano Tiffany Du Mouchelle, Sitara, is an original avantgarde performance project combining electronics, field recordings, and ambient soundscapes with Tiffany’s powerful digitally treated vocals.

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Soprano, Tiffany Du Mouchelle is praised for her musical versatility, an electric stage presence and exceptional dramatic sensibilities. Most recognized for her fearlessness in exploring new and challenging repertoire, she ushers the voice into new realms of expressivity, including a vast array of musical styles and languages, featuring over 100 different languages and exploring the genres of classical, world, contemporary, cabaret, and theatrical works.

By Daniel Haskin

Rain Flowers

Short Form Poetry and Ekphrasis

“Rain Flowers” is a new work by author Daniel Haskin. In this collection of new poems Haskin writes about death, loss and longing, art and creation, life during a pandemic, rediscovery, and love in the deepest sense.

Poet, Writer, Illustrator

Daniel Haskin

The Writer

My work can be abstract, it can be love, it can be painful, it can be rhythmic, and it can be musical. Poetry can be a story without a beginning or end. Sometimes if you touch that little spark of darkness inside your soul you can pull something out that’s memorable.


A creator of art, both visual, musical, and poetic, Daniel Haskin opens his soul with his books “Past Life Invisible”, “Amnesia”, “The Shallow Sea” and now “Picture Book”.

Daniel Haskin is an artist, musician, composer, writer, and poet. His poetry collections, “The Shallow Sea“, “Past Life Invisible“, “Amnesia“, and now “Picture Book”, are poems that explore the human condition. He has also been published in the Buffalo News and various national literary journals. His pen mood fluctuates while he writes from his own perspective. Precise and particular word choices not only rouse visual images, but also provoke feelings and acts. His themes of longing and regret, seeking and finding, recognizing and remembering run strong, as does his theme of acceptance for what was and for what will never be.

Daniel Haskin was born in Buffalo, New York, and was educated in the United States and in the UK (Chelmsford, Essex). While attending Daemen College in Amherst, New York, he majored in art and illustration, minoring in music history. His education led him to cultivate multiple careers in the arts. Over time, he with, his band “The Dreaming”, released three albums: “Silent”, “Picturebook Rain”, “Shadow Days”, and a solo studio-produced electronic album, titled “Machines of Love and War”. As a musician, his breakout moment came when the British Broadcasting Company aired and previewed specific tracks from “Machines of Love and War”.

As an artist and illustrator, he designed the covers and interior illustrations for: “Polish Folk Legends” (written by Florence W Clowes), and his own poetry collections, “The Shallow Sea”, “Past Life Invisible”, “Amnesia”, and “Picture Book”. Other drawings were published in “The Polish American Journal”, “The Buffalo News”, “The Buffalo Arts Review”, and other national publications. Daniel Haskin and his wife Jeanne currently reside in Buffalo, New York, with their Jack Russell Terrier Juno.

Sonnet of Loss

The sun sets in the waiting room
A sound drifting into the living
Floating above the nest of darkness
That I laid for my beloved one here

Hollow bones live in this place
But also life to feed the starving
And memories that fill the gallery
Painted from the joys I remember

Your body is a dark kindness
A night flower open to catch stars

And after your thread is wound
I will take your absence into my arms

© Daniel Haskin


Doe eyed love inside my gut
Flesh and saffron ecstasy of God

This beauty slips by no one here
From the slit corners of our mouths

Smiles of sweet and sly temptation
Otherworldly and strangewise there

Forgetting moments time and pleasure
When soft eyes leach drops of rain

In there they would gladly drown us
Spoiling the colors of our song

Shade bending skin and ocean
That swam between our dry tongues

Sightless of night and deaf of morning
With empty hands we are reborn

© Daniel Haskin

Sonnet of the Snake

Been sitting here all along
Skin teasing crawling pavement
Choking a disappearing man
Fat and venous whispering
With a blank mind my tongue

Rolling through a worms pace
A venomous snake biting it’s tail
Devouring it’s spine for no one
Spitting soft bone and breast
Until there is nothing left to devour

I am writing this from memory
For I feel like a wasted moment
An escaped dark consciousness
That has died for no one eye

© Daniel Haskin

Other Books


Past Life Invisible

The Shallow Sea

Picture Book


Vivid Writing

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Haskin knows the poet’s craft very well and writes in a variety of styles. “Self-Portrait with Blake” captures the vitality of Blake’s art and expands upon it profoundly. “I bray to the wind from god’s symmetry designed” it concludes.
“Murderous Days” is a tender homage to a loved one. “Death is an Anachronism” refers to Ophelia and reflects on the ending of life.

This book is serious, accessible poetry and deserves to be read.

– Arthur W. Turfa

Author of “Accents”


Flowing Feelings

This short collection of poetry has a great feel to it and the author’s words have a flowing style I think many will enjoy. This is the first collection of poems by this author I have picked up and I enjoyed them enough I know it won’t be the last.

– P.S.W.


Poetry for the average reader & poet

Beautiful images and mesmerizing rhythms. This collection has a way of using the right words with the right lyricism to convey more than just images, but also moods. Excellent works of art throughout that anyone can appreciate, even if you don’t usually read poetry.

– Megz C.

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